The Seath Era

Seath was a very serendipitous protagonist. He became the main character of the campaign mainly because his player, Kevin, was the only one who consistently showed up for sessions, while the party around him shifted as some players were interested or not interested as time went by. In the end, the main regulars of the Seath party was Seath, played by Kevin, Tara-Lyrra, the battle-axe wielding amazon my sister played, Marc, played by my friend Marc, and Verve, an NPC wizard.

See after the whole Keith business ended, we started playing under a DM by the name of Matt, whose Umpelsphere campaign setting held our attention for pretty much the entirety of summer. At first it was only me, Keith and Matt’s friend (Chris? I think? It was a long time ago) in the party but my sister would join in occasionally. Towards the end of the summer, however, the party had changed; I was playing a pirate, Kevin was playing Seath, the wizard, and my sister was playing Tara-Lyrra.

When Matt left for British Columbia, we were left without a DM, and I decided to dust off the old Forgotten Realms campaign. A portal would open and both Seath and Tara-Lyrra would be sucked from Umpelsphere into Toril.

These characters were a little overpowered by this point, but what did we care? We were, like, thirteen. What we wanted to do was expel fireballs point-blank into the faces of gods. Seath had, in an Umpelsphere adventure (so this was not my fault), received a wish. His wish was to have, at all times, at any time, unlimited access to both arcane and divine spells. And Matt granted it to him.

So Seath was basically a walking powerhouse, which meant adventures took on a grander scale than normal. Frequently adventures consisted of epic wars, or fighting insane villains, or taking over kingdoms.

Seath was, after all, one of the most powerful wizards on the planet. Tara-Lyrra was an incredibly strong warrior, wielding both a +5 Battle-axe and a +5 Long Sword (both obtained in the Umpelsphere campaign; Christ, that DM was a nut). Marc was pure evil, a psychopathic wizard bent on destroying all innocents.

A few elements of this campaign directly effected the later ones. For instance, the court of Cormyr City set the standard for the later generations. King Azoun (the fourth, I think), his advisor Verve, the character Blacklock, who stuck around as long as the Power Orbs campaign, and the golden dragons and the purple dragons.

It was also the first time I introduced Ravenloft, in which Strahd and Azael, the arch-lich, sought after Seath’s powers. In defeating them, Seath severed the ties between the Dimension of Dread and the Prime Material Plane, thus ceasing the trapping of travelers.

But after Seath had forged his ultimate creation, the Crystal Staff, Marc attempted to steal it, and, touching it with his hand of pure evil, nearly destroyed Seath, completely destroyed himself, sent the Crystal Staff flying into a mountain, and restored Ravenloft’s ties.

Yeah, a lot happened during those years. We were bored kids during summer.

Seath retired as king of the nymph kingdom (he’d married into royalty) and had a son, Sethat. Tara-Lyrra married and had a daughter with Verve.

These adventures were heady days. The PCs were powerful enough that I could throw them at any major NPC and the adventure would be interesting. Seath and co met Elminster, Bahamut, Tiamat, the Sheens, and pretty much anything cool I saw in Dragon magazine at the time. I was thirteen: of course I had a subscription.

The Seath Era

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