The Beginning

So the adventure that started it all began as a trick. I was twelve years old, in grade seven, hanging out with my friend Keith around the PMQs back when I was a military brat. I was into D&D and he hadn’t heard of it, so I started basically this freeform game, where he explored this made-up land and fought monsters. Eventually, I said, “Hey, what if we put some rules to this?” And voila, the campaign setting was created.

Now this is called the Beginning because the original campaign never took place on Toril, but instead on an original world I’d created, and drawn up a map for. I have no idea where that map went; I wish I still had it. I can still see it in my head, though. There was a major city on the eastern coast, surrounded by forest, where there be goblins and monsters and such. To the south was the dog-man city, a lesser strain of gnoll who were plagued upon by orcs. To the north were mountains, and there was a town in the middle of the forest and city of thieves to the south-west and et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. A pretty standard low-level campaign setting there.

The main character, played by Keith, was a halfling fighter whose name I can’t remember for the life of me. He got into some zany stuff, fighting orcs, thieves, monsters, rescuing dog-men, rescuing princesses, that sort of thing.

The campaign never really took off until I introduced the shape-changing, viciously skilled villain, who insidiously won the hearts of the citizens of the city, and the princess, despite Keith’s attempts to warn them. During a parade in the villain’s honour, Keith donned his cloak of elvenkind (which, since we were using my old 1st edition books, was pretty powerful) and antagonized the villain enough for him to reveal his true form.

The end of this segment of the campaign ended when Keith took a spelljammer off for the stars, leaving his small world behind and landing in Toril, where he took on the Zhentarim and found his way into Suzail, which, due to me misreading my Forgotten Realms book, was called Cormyr City, not Suzail, and has been called Cormyr City for the entirety of the rest of the campaigns.

The Beginning

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